Today - Keeping a diary using a simple shell alias

I wanted to start the habit of writing a somewhat daily log of the stuff I do. To help with that I added a simple alias to my Linux shell. It is called today and does nothing more than to open a textfile named after the current date in vim.

My to-go shell is fish. Its pendant to an rc dotfile is located in ~/.config/fish/ This file simply contains a fish script that is run at each start of the shell. Instead of setting an alias I defined a function called today.

function today
    vim +'norm G' ~/Sync/log/(date +%F).txt

You might spot a few perculiar things:

  • +'norm G' makes the cursor jump to the bottom of the file. This is useful for quickly calling the command several times per day.
  • The file is stored inside the folder ~/Sync. I use Syncthing to synchronize the contents of this folder over all my devices.
  • date +%F outputs the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD. This is a nice level of verbosity in my opinion.

My aim is to call the function at least once per day and to write about everything interesting at that point in time. After already a few months of this I find it fascinating how some useless information from some time ago feels like a way to look back into the past.